Working Groups

Our Working Groups facilitate and accelerate the delivery of trusted mobile connectivity worldwide

Trusted Connectivity Alliance members participate in TCA working groups to identify and deliver work requirements of a technical, strategic and marketing nature which will support the ability of OEMs, device manufacturers and service providers to choose connectivity solutions which benefit from end to end security. 

Trusted Connectivity Alliance working groups:

  • Anticipate market needs and develop associated, enabling specifications.
  • Collaborate with industry stakeholders to ensure that new use cases and business models can be simply and securely supported.
  • Clarify and recommend existing technical standards relevant to the implementation of strong device security.

Current Working Group Initiatives

Working GroupChair
eSIMDenis Praca, Gemalto, a Thales Company
InteroperabilityAmedeo Veneroso, ST
IoT Security Application Jean-Francois Gros, Gemalto, a Thales Company
iTechStephane Schirar, Gemalto, a Thales Company
Mobile PrivacySt├ęphane Jacquelin, IDEMIA