Unlocking the full potential of 5G

What is a 5G SIM?

The SIM / eSIM is the only platform which can be used to secure 5G network access according to 3GPP – the 5G standardisation body.

Trusted Connectivity Alliance first defined the Recommended 5G SIM in December 2018 to outline which technical features of SIM / eSIM technology address the challenges mobile operators face, beyond network access, when migrating from 4G to 5G.

Subsequently, Trusted Connectivity Alliance enhanced the Recommended 5G SIM to align with new use cases introduced by 3GPP’s Release 16 for Phase 2 5G deployments. The Recommended 5G SIM has now been updated to align with new features defined in 3GPP Release 17.

The growing importance of the 5G SIM / eSIM in the 5G ecosystem is reflected by member market data, which has demonstrated significant and sustained growth in 5G SIM shipments. In 2022, Trusted Connectivity Alliance estimates that total deployments of the Recommended 5G SIM / eSIM in 5G networks grew by 77% to 242 million units.

What are the Benefits of 5G SIM Technology?

Advanced Security and Privacy

The Recommended 5G SIM incorporates various advanced features to promote the highest levels of security and user privacy.

Optimised Functionality and Performance  

The Recommended 5G SIM helps mobile operators maximise investment in core infrastructure and unlock value-added services across new use cases, helping to unlock the full potential of 5G networks.

Globally Interoperable and Flexible

The Recommended 5G SIM is flexible to support various use-cases and network configurations. It is also fully backwards compatible.