Industry Partnerships

Trusted Connectivity Alliance works in close collaboration with other technical associations and standards bodies to support the continued standardisation of the Tamper Resistant Element (TRE) ecosystem.

Key Initiatives Include:

eUICC Profile Package Technical and Test Specification (GSMA collaboration) Enables mobile network operators to load standardised, interoperable connectivity profiles in an eSIM, regardless of the SIM vendor.

IoT SAFE (GSMA collaboration) Specifies a common API and defines a standardised way for the SIM to be leveraged to securely perform mutual authentication between IoT devices applications and the cloud.

IoT Remote SIM Provisioning (GSMA collaboration) TCA contributes to the GSMA’s eSIM for IoT Working Group initiatives, to guide and support eSIM developments that address IoT market evolution in a scalable way.

Open Mobile API (GlobalPlatform collaboration) Established the first API for Android apps to communicate with the SIM or Secure Element and execute security services.

Market Intelligence TCA collaborates with Eurosmart to exchange market data and align on insights that deliver authoritative views of the TRE ecosystem.

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