Integrated SIM

Promoting the global standardisation of integrated SIM

What is an Integrated SIM?  

Integration: Drivers of an evolution in SIM Technology

Trusted Connectivity Alliance defines an integrated SIM as a solution where SIM or eSIM functionality is implemented on a hardware Tamper Resistant Element (TRE) within a host System-on-Chip (SoC).

The trend towards integration is supported by significant industry-wide specification development and global, open standards. Internationally recognised industry associations and standard development organisations have delivered specifications and definitions to promote the deployment of globally interoperable, secure integrated SIM solutions.

Following this activity, it is Trusted Connectivity Alliance’s position that GSMA’s Integrated eUICC initiative offers the most potential to meet increasing market demand and ensures that integrated SIM technologies have the same security and interoperability levels as removable SIM and eSIM.

What are the Benefits of Integrated SIM?  


Global standardisation efforts have been successful, meaning all mobile ecosystem stakeholders can  have high levels of confidence in the security, interoperability and reliability of integrated SIM solutions.

Enabling Device Evolution

Integration reduces the number of components to support the development of smaller, thinner devices, while optimising power consumption to increase battery life.

Supporting New Use-Cases

Integration is an evolutionary step for SIM technology which is unlocking a host of new use-cases,  including utilities, logistics and supply chains.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tamper Resistant Element (TRE)?

A TRE is a standalone secure element or secure enclave, consisting of hardware and low-level software providing resistance against logical and physical attacks, capable of hosting secure applications and their confidential and cryptographic data, and are available in removeable, embedded and more recently, integrated form factors.

A TRE integrated inside a SoC is known as an integrated TRE.

What is the difference between the integrated SIM, integrated UICC and integrated eUICC?

The term ‘integrated SIM’ refers to the implementation of SIM or eSIM functionality on a hardware TRE within a SoC, so can be used to collectively refer to both integrated eUICC and integrated UICC solutions.

An integrated UICC is a UICC that is implemented on an integrated TRE and does not support Remote SIM Provisioning as defined by GSMA.

An integrated eUICC is an eUICC implemented on an integrated TRE that supports Remote SIM Provisioning as defined by GSMA.