The potential evolution of SIM technology.

Advanced SIM solutions can deliver the flexible connectivity and dynamic security that the IoT ecosystem demands, but the emergence of thinner, smaller and more power-sensitive devices are also driving an additional, complementary need for integrated SIM (iSIM, or iUICC) solutions. An integrated SIM is a new form factor, where the silicon of the SIM is actually integrated as a secure enclave within a larger system-on-a-chip (SoC) alongside, for example, a modem and application processor.  

Integrated SIM (iSIM) could enable the emergence of new use cases for of SIM technology. Various technologies and proprietary implementations, however, are being marketed as iSIM. This creates fragmentation and limits the scalability of the technology

Evolving iSIM technology

Our mission is to educate stakeholders on the current fragmentation which exists among iSIM technology implementations and to present a recommended approach to evolving iSIM technology and ecosystem in line with key connectivity and security criteria.

TCA has published an enhanced "Recommended 5G SIM' definition to support new use cases introduced by 3GPP’s Release 16 Specifications for 5G Phase 2.Download here.