Towards a trusted connected future


Today, any device can be connected. Yet innovation is outpacing security and connection on this scale is exposing individuals, households, businesses and critical infrastructure to the risk of cyberattacks.

And with the frequency and sophistication of attacks growing, governments, regulatory bodies, and industry groups are moving towards mandating more stringent standards and baseline security requirements for IoT security.

As the IoT continues to scale, secure end-to-end connectivity solutions for consumer and industrial devices are critical to addressing security vulnerabilities and promoting confidence and trust.

Key Security Initiatives

  • IoT SAFE
    IoT SAFE, an industry partnership between GSMA and Trusted Connectivity Alliance, defines a standardised way to leverage the SIM and eSIM to securely perform mutual authentication between the IoT device applications and the cloud.
  • Secured Applications for Mobile (SAM)
    Trusted Connectivity Alliance is helping to shape development of GSMA’s Secured Applications for Mobile (SAM) Specification, in support of the trend for leveraging the eSIM to host secure applets.
  • Tamper Resistant Elements (TREs) for IoT Security
    Trusted Connectivity Alliance is committed to educating industry stakeholders on how TRE form factors including the SIM, eSIM and integrated SIM are already deployed across billions of devices and can immediately address IoT security vulnerabilities.

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