TCA Announces Development of Environmental Lifecycle Assessment for SIM and eSIM Products

As part of our commitment to promoting more sustainable solutions and practices across the connectivity ecosystem, the Trusted Connectivity Alliance (TCA) is working to define the first industry-led, common lifecycle assessment (LCA) methodology to assess the environmental footprint of SIM and eSIM products.

Decarbonising supply and value chains is a key priority for many organisations to support the ambitious sustainability targets set by mobile operators as they work towards net-zero emissions. The development of a common assessment framework by TCA will provide organisations with a credible, objective methodology to assess the environmental impact of their products and solutions, helping the transition towards greener practices.

TCA is partnering with Ecoact – an international climate consultancy and project developer with extensive experience in the connectivity / digital industry – to define the methodology and is provisionally aiming to launch by the end of 2024. Organisations across the secure connectivity industry committed to climate leadership are encouraged to join TCA to play a proactive role in shaping its development.

To learn more about TCA membership and the work of the Sustainability Working Group, click here.