2022 in Review: Advancing Trusted Connectivity

Claus Dietze, Chair of the TCA Board

2022 was another year of transformation for our industry. TCA data highlighted surging adoption for eSIM technology across consumer, M2M and IoT use-cases. In addition, we saw growing momentum for 5G networks, the increasing deployment of integrated solutions, and demand for greener, more sustainable technologies.

TCA’s Working Groups are key to supporting this transformation. They are responsible for anticipating market needs and developing specifications and recommendations that leverage our members’ unparalleled technical and industry expertise. They also engage and collaborate extensively with other associations and stakeholders to ensure that new use-cases and business models can be simply and securely supported.

Key initiatives progressed by TCA Working Groups in 2022 included:

  • eSIM Working Group

The group enhanced the eUICC Profile Package Technical Specification and published Version 3.2 in May 2022. The latest update included support for GlobalPlatform’s Secure Channel Protocol (SCP) ‘11’ and Domain Name Server (DNS) Configuration to ensure proper onboarding, and was referenced in GSMA’s SGP.22 Version 3.0 specification.

The latest version of the supporting test specification was published in December 2022, providing a globally standardised means of testing products which implement Version 3.2, Version 3.1, Version 2.3.1, Version 2.2, or Version 2.1 of the technical specification.

Looking ahead, the group continues to work on Version 3.3 of the technical specification. Key updates include the definition of a new minimum ‘lightweight’ profile to address the challenge of provisioning network-constrained IoT devices, as well as support for 3GPP Release 17.

  • IoT Remote SIM Provisioning Working Group

The IoT RSP Working Group collaborated extensively with GSMA to support a scalable Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) model for the IoT. In 2022, group members contributed to GSMA’s eSIM WG7 meetings to shape the development of the eSIM for IoT Specifications (SGP.31 and SGP.32).

  • 5G Working Group

In December 2022, the 5G Working published an updated ‘Recommended 5G SIM’ technical definition to align with the latest features and use-cases introduced by 3GPP’s Release 17. The group also hosted a supporting webinar – Recommended 5G SIM: Unlocking the Benefits of 3GPP Release 17 – to deliver more detailed insight into the new features introduced.

  • Integrated SIM Working Group

In May 2022, the group published a new paper – Integrated SIM: A Practical Approach – building on TCA’s advocacy for the GSMA’s integrated eUICC initiative, and providing more detail to help SIM vendors, SoC makers, mobile operators, device manufacturers, service providers and test tool developers deploy integrated SIM solutions. A supporting webinar – Integrated SIM: An Evolution in Trusted Connectivity – provided attendees with actionable insights and guidance to support the development and deployment of secure, interoperable integrated SIM solutions.

  • Sustainability Working Group

Established to help promote more sustainable solutions and practices across the connectivity ecosystem, November 2022 saw the Sustainability Working Group publish its first position paper outlining TCA’s roadmap towards a trusted and more sustainable, connected future.

  • Interoperability Working Group

The Interoperability Working Group finalised development of the TCALoader tool, which includes various enhancements to boost the deployment of value-added services on smart cards. More information on this free to use tool will be shared soon.

  • SAM Working Group

And finally, the SAM Working Group continued work to advance its position paper on GSMA’s Secured Applications for Mobile (SAM) initiative, which is due for publication in early 2023.

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