Working Groups

Our Working Groups facilitate and accelerate the delivery of trusted mobile connectivity worldwide

Our Working Groups facilitate and accelerate the delivery of trusted mobile connectivity worldwide

Trusted Connectivity Alliance members participate in TCA working groups to identify, define and provide deliverables of a technical, strategic and marketing nature, that enable all stakeholders in our connected society, to benefit from the most stringent secure connectivity solutions.

Trusted Connectivity Alliance working groups:

  • Anticipate market needs and develop associated, enabling specifications that leverage TCA members’ expertise in tamper proof end-to-end-security
  • Collaborate with industry stakeholders to ensure that new use cases and business models can be simply and securely supported.
  • Clarify and recommend existing technical standards relevant to the implementation of strong device security.

Current Working Group Initiatives

The mission of the eSIM Working Group is to expand the functionality of eSIM technology and promote consistency across different use case implementations. Key objectives include evolving the TCA eUICC Profile Package Technical Specification, and associated test specification, to address industry feedback and support emerging trends. The group’s work in this area is in close collaboration with other key industry stakeholders, including 3GPP, ETSI, GlobalPlatform and GSMA.
The group is chaired by Denis Praca, Thales. Eligible TCA members can join here.

IoT Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP)
The IoT RSP Working Group guides and supports the development of eSIM-related specifications, to address eSIM market evolution and the needs of the IoT. The group collaborates with the GSMA and contributes to its eSIM Working Groups.

The group is chaired by Saïd Gharout, Kigen. Eligible TCA members can join here.

IoT Security Application
The IoT Security Application Working Group works to extend the security capabilities of the SIM to overcome IoT market fragmentation. Key initiatives progressed by the group include IoT SAFE, launched in collaboration with the GSMA, which specifies a common API to secure IoT data communications between device applications and the cloud.

The group is chaired by Jean-Francois Gros, Thales. Eligible TCA members can join here.

IoT Security Applet
The IoT Security Applet Working Group was established with a specific mission to define test specifications for the IoT SAFE Applet to support market adoption and evolution of the IoT SAFE initiative. The group works in collaboration with the GSMA’s IoT SAFE group to provide feedback and guidance on the test procedures required to support new and emerging IoT use cases.

The group is chaired by Tomasz Wozniak, IDEMIA. Eligible TCA members can join here.

The 5G Working Group is committed to evolving and optimizing 5G SIM technology to enhance 5G network services.

The group is chaired by Michele Scarlatella. Eligible TCA members can join here.

Integrated SIM
The Integrated SIM Working Group’s objective is to promote consistency across Integrated SIM technologies by providing an overview of the Integrated SIM concept, identifying standardisation activity in progress, offering an impact analysis on the introduction of integrated SIM technology, and exploring opportunities and use cases that can be unlocked.

The group is chaired by Stephane Schirar, Thales. Eligible TCA members can join here.

The Interoperability Working Group guides the future evolution of the SIM ecosystem through solutions that achieve interoperability among stakeholders. The group works to create, enhance and promote guidelines and software development tools that reduce complexity and maintain field proven interoperability among different SIM implementations.
The group is chaired by Amedeo Veneroso, ST. Eligible TCA members can join here.

The Marcomms Working Group provides direction on TCA’s messaging, communications strategy and activities. The group provides a platform for TCA members to align and share recommendations on key marketing topics, and works with the TCA Board of Directors and its communications agency, iseepr, to implement them.

The group is chaired by David Amos, iseepr. Eligible TCA members can join here.

Secured Application Mobile (SAM)
The mission of the SAM Working Group is to guide and support the development of GSMA SAM-related specifications that address TRE market convergence towards eSIM in consumer and IoT connected devices. The group collaborates with GSMA, Standards Development Organisations and industry stakeholders, to ensure the SAM framework will be open, interoperable, secure, and scalable.
The group is chaired by Alejandro Pulido, Valid. Eligible TCA members can join here.

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