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Join Jean-Francois Gros, Chair of the IoT Security Application Working Group, to learn more about how IoT SAFE is enabling security at scale.

Learn more about IoT risks, and to discover how SIMs and secure elements can deliver dynamic security for connected devices

Leading industry experts discuss the latest developments in IoT security and explain how IoT companies can leverage the capabilities of the SIM to enhance the security of their connected devices and solutions.

Provides exclusive insight into the many challenges, beyond network access, faced by Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) migrating to 5G networks and how the ‘Recommended 5G SIM’ addresses them.

Find out how eSIM deployments have matured over the past 12 months, how the industry is responding to evolving IoT security concerns and requirements, and how eSIM technology can address them.

Learn how the eSIM addresses the challenges of today’s connected world – security, flexibility and programmability.

Provides insight into the content of the ‘5G Security – Making the Right Choice to Match your Needs’ white paper.