Trusted Connectivity Alliance Re-Elects Chair as Industry Responds to the Convergence of Secure Technologies and Services on Connected Devices

Trusted Connectivity Alliance has re-elected Claus Dietze (Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security) to serve a second term as Chair of the Board, as the organisation works to address the growing convergence of secure technologies and services on connected devices.

Commenting on his re-election, Claus said: “Over the past 18 months, TCA has made significant progress in advancing the trust and security credentials of Tamper Resistant Elements (TRE*), alongside initiatives to enhance the supporting ecosystem. Looking ahead, the convergence of multiple services and secure technologies onto a single TRE within connected devices is an emerging trend that promises both opportunities and challenges. Ensuring it is supported by open, interoperable and scalable industry standards will be critical, and as leaders within the global TRE ecosystem we are committed to working with our industry partners to promote security, reliability and convenience.”

TCA also continues to closely monitor the ongoing effect of silicon supply chain pressures which, coupled with unprecedented demand for digital products and services driven by the pandemic, have contributed to a global chip shortage that has impacted various industry verticals and looks set to continue into 2022.

“The SIM industry’s trusted and robust supply chains reflect the essential role that secure connectivity plays in our society, and manufacturers will make every effort, as far as is possible, to ensure that demand for SIM products continues to be met,” adds Dietze. “While SIM manufacturers are usually able to operate on a reactive basis, mobile network operators are encouraged to consider ongoing supply chain pressures and take a long-term view when forecasting volume requirements to support seamless business operations.”

TCA also confirms its Board members for 2021/22 as: Benoît Collier (IDEMIA), Jean-Philippe Betoin (Kigen), Cyril Caillaud (NXP Semiconductors), Christian Vignes (STMicroelectronics), Stephane Quetglas (Thales) and Bertrand Moussel (Valid). TCA’s Board expanded from five to seven members in June 2020 as the organisation evolved from SIMalliance, reflecting the need for broader industry collaboration among all ecosystem participants beyond traditional SIM manufacturers.

Key accomplishments for the organisation to date include:

-Enhancing its Recommended 5G SIM technical definition to align with new use cases introduced by 3GPP’s Release 16 Specifications for 5G Phase 2.

-Publishing recommendations to promote subscriber privacy in 5G.Demonstrating the significant growth of the worldwide eSIM market by p­­roviding the only quantitative global view of eSIM shipments.

-Supporting eSIM interoperability and expanding the benefits of the technology to emerging IoT market segments through a major update to its eUICC Profile Package: Interoperable Format Technical Specification – which is used in every eSIM deployed in the field.

-Advocating and championing integrated SIM standardisation efforts that ensure high levels of security assurance and global interoperability.

-Expanding its membership footprint and industry partnerships to deliver enhanced market intelligence. This includes the recent addition of new member OASIS Smart Sim, as well as a partnership with Eurosmart to deliver clearer and more robust TRE sector data.

Notes to Editors

* Tamper Resistant Element (TRE): A TRE is a standalone secure element or a secure enclave, consisting of hardware and low-level software providing resistance against logical and physical attacks, capable of hosting secure applications and their confidential and cryptographic data. TREs are available in removeable, embedded and more recently, integrated form factors (e.g. SIM, eSIM and integrated SIM).