Trusted Connectivity Alliance: H1 2022 Technical Update

We are entering a new age of global connectivity, fuelled by a continually expanding IoT ecosystem transforming the way we live and work. Yet at the same time, threat levels are increasing, with Accenture reporting a 125% increase in cyberattacks in 2021. This means that the need for truly trusted mobile connectivity has never been higher.

This is where TCA enters, with its focus on a number of key initiatives that enable stakeholders across the connected industries to unlock the benefits of Tamper Resistant Elements (TREs), including SIM, eSIM and integrated SIM.

Key priorities include:

  • Driving eSIM interoperability and expanding eSIM benefits to emerging IoT market segments.
  • Enabling IoT device security by leveraging the benefits of TREs.
  • Educating the industry with the practical deployment considerations for integrated SIM technologies.
  • Optimising 5G SIM technology for private networks, 5G network slicing use cases, and 5G device security.

Driving these initiatives are TCA’s dedicated Working Groups, which are responsible for anticipating market needs and developing associated, enabling specifications that leverage our members’ unparalleled technical and industry expertise. Our working groups also engage and collaborate extensively with other associations and stakeholders to support new business models.

This technical update marks the first of our quarterly reports providing insight into the activities of each working group and demonstrating how they are shaping the future of trusted connectivity.

Download here.