Tamper Resistant Element

Delivering advanced security to the IoT

What is Tamper Resistant Element?

A Tamper Resistant Element (TRE) is a standalone secure element or secure enclave, consisting of hardware and low-level software providing resistance against logical and physical attacks, capable of hosting secure applications and their confidential and cryptographic data.

TREs are available in removeable, embedded and more recently, integrated form factors (e.g. SIM, eSIM and integrated SIM).

Form factor flexibility means that TRE-based SIMs are appropriate for all types of IoT devices and can provide a secure foundation for innovation across various IoT verticals, both now and in the future.

A Security Platform with Untapped Potential

Tens of billions of devices which use cellular connectivity worldwide already contain TRE-based SIM products. Significant security efficiencies can be made by the makers of cellular devices, by leveraging the security capabilities of TREs already contained within their products. The TRE can be used to securely store and process critical device and application data, extending its value beyond trusted connectivity and removing a security pain point for device makers, leaving them free to focus on their core business.

TREs can also be easily leveraged to secure connectivity to a range of non-cellular networks, including LoRa. This means IoT devices which do not use cellular networks can also use TREs, benefiting from their immediate availability, established infrastructure which includes testing and certification processes, and unique ability to deliver stringent secure end-to-end connectivity

By leveraging TRE-based SIM products device manufacturers can reduce costs and shortens time to market, enabling them to focus on their own business with security taken care of.