TCA to Speak at IoT Tech Expo Europe

TCA Board Member, Stephane Quetglas (Thales) will attend IoT Tech Expo Europe this month to moderate the panel discussion “A Holistic Approach to the Connectivity Landscape”.

Joined by speakers from Eseye, Kinéis, BAT and Micro Systems, TCA will explore holistic approaches to connectivity on 27 September at 12:15pm CEST.

Attend the session to learn about key insights such as:

  • Aligning customers’ needs across the connectivity space – knowing what you need for both short- and long-term device/ service lifecycles.
  • The limitations of current connectivity solutions for enterprise infrastructures.
  • Convergence and interoperability for optimised solutions by combining different technologies including LoRa, NBIoT, satellite, 5G, eSIM etc. 
  • Providing the right connectivity for the right use case, not a one size fits all approach.

Learn more about the event and book your ticket here: