TCA Member Q&A: Workz

Please can you tell us a bit about Workz?

As a global leader in mobile subscriber solutions, Workz enables the secure and fast deployment of smart devices and their data. Since 1997, it has managed over 14 billion secure connections in more than 70 countries, all without a single data breach. As well as being ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 certified, it is one of only five providers in the world to be accredited by the GSMA to manage the complete eSIM lifecycle across both the consumer and M2M markets. Workz is also the world’s largest manufacturer of telecom (SIM and prepaid) cards.

Why did Workz join TCA?

Workz joined TCA to play an active role in developing a secure, interoperable mobile connectivity ecosystem while benefiting from being part of a forum to stay abreast of key industry news.

What do you think are the key issues facing players in the IoT space and are there any specific roles for specific organization types e.g. MNOs, manufacturers, vendors, standards bodies?

One of the key issues the sector faces today is how to accommodate the complexity and cost of M2M eSIM solutions, which previously have stunted growth opportunities meaning OEMs have been slow to adopt. This fragmentation meant that in the consumer market only leading OEMs have previously embraced eSIM, reinforcing its reputation that the technology is only available to high-value players in the sector.

However, new standards around interoperability, security and functionality will improve this, giving the sector the confidence it needs to advance eSIM. It is important for the sector as a whole to progress with these standards to create a unified approach to eSIM interoperability.

What are the key industry trends and challenges right now?

One of the biggest trends the connectivity ecosystem is witnessing is the steady digital-first service growth. This is particularly true with eSIM, as mobile operators increasingly turn to the tech to support more seamless, simplified device registration and payment experiences.

Another trend driving the mobile-device proliferation across the consumer and enterprise sectors is 5G, which also presents a significant opportunity for eSIM solutions with the recommended 5G SIM.

How do you think the industry is set to evolve in the future and why will industry collaboration be important?

Achieving interoperability is essential for the industry to reach its full potential given the opportunities such as growing IoT use cases across an expanding set of industry verticals e.g. health, utilities, auto etc. This is why bodies such as TCA are an essential component, supporting collaboration and providing a dedicated forum for players to work together to develop specifications and provide the technical guidance to build confidence for the mobile ecosystem.