Remote SIM Provisioning Specification Enables 5G Support

SIMalliance has released version 2.3 of its eUICC Profile Package: Interoperable Format Technical Specification, which has been enhanced to enable 5G support for the first time. Driven by increasing deployments and industry feedback, the specification also provides corrections and clarifications to improve interoperability, as well as guidance to support the use of different versions by mobile network operators (MNOs) to enable consistent remote SIM provisioning.

The eUICC Profile Package Technical Specification standardises the format used for remote loading of subscriptions across deployed machine-to-machine (M2M) and consumer devices. It describes a common coding process for subscription data to be built, remotely loaded and installed into any eSIM by any SIM vendor on behalf of any mobile network operator (MNO).

“The eSIM is a strategic platform to enhance connectivity, promote privacy by allowing identity encryption, and advance security to realise the vast potential presented by the launch of 5G networks”, comments Remy Cricco, Chairman of SIMalliance. “These latest enhancements enable this functionality, as well as building on our existing foundation to continue to facilitate the growth of the connected world through trusted connectivity.”

SIMalliance is committed to the ongoing evolution of the eUICC Profile Package Technical Specification and associated testing specifications to address industry feedback and support emerging trends. Its work in this area is in close collaboration with other key industry stakeholders, including 3GPP, ETSI, GlobalPlatform and GSMA.