How Can Supply Chains Help Improve the Environment Credentials of the SIM Industry?

Achieving Net-Zero by 2050 will require operators to examine how their supply chains support or hinder their own sustainability goals. The entire ecosystem must remain committed to finding new methods and technologies to limit emissions across the industry, while also offering innovative solutions to help other sectors minimise their impact.  

Recognising that the transition towards sustainability is a journey, the Sustainability Working Group is now examining how its members can support the ecosystem’s transition by adopting greener practices across their supply and value chains. 

In this paper, the Sustainability Working Group will offer guidance on: 

  • The drivers for more sustainable connectivity. 
  • The tools and frameworks operators are implementing to measure their carbon footprint and accelerate the decarbonisation of their supply chains. 
  • The Sustainability Working Group’s commitment to improving the environmental credentials of the products and services it is delivering to the mobile industry.  

Download here.