eSIM Interoperability Testing: How Operators Can Reduce Costs, Accelerate Time-To-Market and Promote Trust

TCA eSIM market data demonstrates surging consumer adoption of eSIM technology. And with more major device manufacturers moving to launch flagship eSIM-only products, it is clear momentum is set to continue and that the transformative potential of eSIM technology is ready to be realised at scale. 

For operators, the growth of the eSIM market undoubtedly presents a huge opportunity and there is increasing investment to maximise eSIM benefits and differentiate from the competition. Yet expansion also increases the risk of fragmentation, making it difficult for operators to ensure the seamless activation and onboarding experience that customers expect.    

To protect investments and avoid churn, eSIM profile testing is fundamental. But many operators lack the resources to test against the ever-growing range of eSIM-enabled devices, related technologies and industry requirements necessary to ensure true interoperability. 

In this webinar, TCA will be joined by experts from GSMA, COMPRION, Eseye, floLIVE and G+D to explore how the industry is working collaboratively to drive eSIM interoperability and promote consumer trust, reduce costs and accelerate time-to-market. 

What you will learn: 

  • Key opportunities and challenges for operators as the eSIM ecosystem scales; 
  • Why interoperability testing is becoming crucial to ensure consumer trust, protect operator investments and avoid churn; 
  • The real-world benefits of the TCA eSIM Interoperability Service to help ensure eSIM profiles are compatible with a wide range of commercially available consumer devices prior to deployment; 
  • Learnings and future considerations for the eSIM interoperability testing of IoT devices.  

Who should attend: 

  • Mobile Operators 
  • eSIM Profile Developers  
  • eSIM Subscription Management (SM-DP+) Providers  
  • eSIM Consumer Device Manufacturers 

How to register: 

The webinar will be held on Wednesday 14 February at 07:00 PST / 09:00 CST / 15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET and include a live Q&A during which attendees are invited to submit their questions. 

Register here.