Chairman Re-elected as SIMalliance Supports SIM Evolution

Remy Cricco (IDEMIA) has been re-elected to serve a third term as the Chairman of SIMalliance, the non-profit global SIM industry association which advocates the protection of sensitive connected and mobile services using a tamper-resistant secure hardware component. Remy’s ongoing leadership will provide continuity as the Board defines the future roadmap of SIMalliance in context of the growing and evolving SIM and eSIM landscape.

Throughout his term, Remy will continue to work alongside SIMalliance Board representatives from G+D Mobile Security, Gemalto (a Thales Company), STMicroelectronics and Valid to facilitate the sustained growth of connected objects through trusted connectivity.

“SIMalliance plays a key role in promoting SIM and eSIM solutions for both connectivity and security use cases,” comments Remy. “The organisation is currently focused on assessing recent industry developments which point to the significant future growth and transformation of the SIM industry and evaluating how SIMalliance, as a unique platform for stakeholder collaboration and technology standardisation efforts, can continue to best support device manufacturers, digital service providers, MNOs and OEMs across all industries.

“New connectivity and security use cases, for example, have been created by the continued growth in connected objects. In recent years, our members have advocated the use of eSIM consumer and IoT solutions for certain use cases and needs such as connected cars, PCs and smartphones, and it has been to positive effect. SIMalliance’s first release of eSIM market data in May showed that 114 million units were shipped in 2018 thanks to sustained investments made by mobile network operators and OEMs with the support of SIMalliance members. Our goal is to ensure that continued industry collaboration among all relevant players will support increased adoption of connectivity / security technology across new and existing use cases, while creating a harmonised, optimal end-to-end ecosystem.”

With the recent launch of the first 5G networks, SIMalliance will also continue to educate audiences on the importance of leveraging SIM and eSIM as assets. This includes promoting their ability to serve as a strategic platform to enhance connectivity, promote privacy and advance security to protect against existing and future threats.

Remy concludes: “In the coming year, SIMalliance members will continue to work together to give MNOs, OEMs, device manufacturers and digital service providers across all industries the knowledge and the ability to choose connectivity solutions that benefit from end-to-end security.”