SIMalliance Defines a ‘Recommended 5G SIM Card’

Guidance published for mobile industry insiders supports the optimisation of 5G SIM capability beyond network access, to unlock the full potential of 5G network investments 

SIMalliance, the non-profit association which represents approximately 90% of the global SIM industry, has published a technical definition of a ‘SIMalliance Recommended 5G SIM’ card.  The 5G SIM recommended by the organisation has technical features which address many challenges, beyond network access, faced today by Mobile Network Operators(MNOs) as they migrate to 5G networks.

By defining its recommended 5G SIM technology, the organisation aims to help MNOs maximise their investment in core 5G network infrastructure by selecting the right choice of SIM technology at 5G launch. This will enable MNOs to provide customers with a better quality of experience and higher security, while optimising network and device resources. The SIMalliance Recommended 5G SIM also addresses subscriber privacy issues, offers reduced power consumption for extended battery life and supports delivery of Internet Protocol (IP) services. In addition to supporting MNOs, the definition is intended to educate other mobile industry stakeholders, including OEMs, chipset makers and service providers. 

Remy Cricco, SIMalliance Chairman, comments: “After many years of conceptualisation, the reality of 5G network launches is now imminent. In line with SIMalliance’s mission to facilitate and accelerate delivery of secure connected services globally, the organisation’s work to educate MNOs on how SIM technology is evolving to support the transition to 5G networks is critical.

“A SIM is the only platform which can be used to secure 5G network access according to the 5G standardisation body, 3GPP. SIMalliance recognises in its technical definition that a number of SIM technology options may enable 5G network access, yet the different capabilities they offer, which are defined for different 5G deployment use cases, are also outlined. On behalf of the SIM industry, SIMalliance advocates only one type of 5G SIM which promotes the highest levels of security and functionality in 5G networks. By deploying the SIMalliance Recommended 5G SIM at 5G launch, MNOs will offer their customers the best possible experience, services, security and privacy, while optimising their investments and positioning themselves to realise the full potential of 5G as future use cases and possibilities unfold.”

‘3GPPR15 5G SIM Card: A Definition’ –  is available for free download. The guidance provided in the technical document relates specifically to 5G Phase 1 (3GPPR15). The SIMalliance Recommended 5G SIM is fully backwards compatible.  

A presentation titled ‘5G SIM: Maximing MNO investment in 5G networks’ is also available. The presentation outlines the challenges faced by MNOs migrating to 5G networks and explains how the SIMalliance Recommended 5G SIM addresses them.

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